Badges are labels used throughout Arc XP.

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A label that provides an additional layer of hierarchy.
Often publish status is communicated via a Badge throughout Arc XP.

#Component structure

'Badge Structure'
  1. Badge


There are two types of badges:
  1. Standard badges - used to create an additional level of hierarchy in an experience. These badges are non-interactive and are commonly used to denote a Primary Website associated to a piece of content.
  2. Status badges - badges used to communicate a status. This is paired with specific colors to denote a status change.


'Badge States Badges use both content & color to communicate states. Throughout Arc XP, some common badge states are:
  • Unpublished - content is new and has not been published.
  • Published - content is published and live.
  • Read-Only Mode - another user is currently editing content
  • Unpublished Changes - changes have been made that are not yet published.
  • Scheduled - content is scheduled for publish.
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