Icon Library

Search and browse the available icons below. Can't find the one you're looking for? Open a request.For more information on how to use the icons in your application, see the documention on the Icon component.
Aria labelAdd
Aria labelAddInternalNote
Aria labelArrowDown
Aria labelArrowLeft
Aria labelArrowRight
Aria labelArrowUp
Aria labelCheckmark
Aria labelChevronDown
Aria labelChevronLeft
Aria labelChevronRight
Aria labelChevronUp
Aria labelClose
Aria labelCopy
Aria labelCoverImage
Aria labelDanger
Aria labelDarkMode
Aria labelDate
Aria labelDelete
Aria labelDownload
Aria labelDuplicate
Aria labelEdit
Aria labelEditContent
Aria labelEditDisplaySettings
Aria labelEllipsis
Aria labelExpandArea
Aria labelFilter
Aria labelFilterWebsite
Aria labelFocalPoint
Aria labelGallery
Aria labelGridView
Aria labelGridViewLarge
Aria labelGridViewMedium
Aria labelGridViewSmall
Aria labelHelp
Aria labelHide
Aria labelInfo
Aria labelLightMode
Aria labelListView
Aria labelMaximizeGroup
Aria labelMinimizeGroup
Aria labelMoveToBeginning
Aria labelMoveToEnd
Aria labelMoveToGallery
Aria labelNotFound
Aria labelOpenColorPicker
Aria labelPhoto
Aria labelPitch
Aria labelPlayController
Aria labelPlayThumbnail
Aria labelPreview
Aria labelPublish
Aria labelRefresh
Aria labelRemoveImage
Aria labelSearch
Aria labelSettings
Aria labelSuccess
Aria labelTask
Aria labelTime
Aria labelToggleOverflowMenu
Aria labelTrash
Aria labelWarning
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