Arc-UI v1.0.0

We are excited to introduce the Arc Design System! As the Arc platform continues to mature, there is an increasing need for consistency in user experience. The Arc Design System will improve the engineering and design teams' abilities to more efficiently create a seamless experience for users across Arc.

Our primary goal is to provide a more structured and guided way for teams to build solutions for their products. Having a design system allows us to share code and design components across product teams and reduce the effort to implement the same components multiple times. We anticipate the design system will scale and grow over time as adoption is increased throughout the platform.

#What's new

#React components

Our first react components are Alerts and Snackbars. The usage of these components are managed via our new Alert Service which encapsulates the Arc-specific business logic related to displaying messages to the user.

#Design documentation

We will have the react versions of the following components in subsequent releases of the design system.


Usage of the following guidelines will be built into the components. We will provide these additionally as CSS variables and a Bootstrap 4.0 variables file that overwrites default values for products to use outside of the design system component library.


Several of the Arc products currently use a combination of React, Bootstrap and Reactstrap. We have taken an inventory of the existing Arc UI code and understand the need to provide support for existing UI. We will provide support for the products that currently utilize Bootstrap, while we continue to add to our custom component library. On our next release, you can expect a Bootstrap 4.0 variables file that overwrites default values. This will include override variables for color, typography, spacing, and buttons. It will allow engineers to quickly implement design standards with minimal effort on existing UI.
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