Arc-UI 1.2.0

An overview of what's included in 1.2.0 release of the Arc Design System

#React Components:


The Arc Dialog pattern provides the following components: Dialog, DialogTitle , DialogBody , DialogFooter. 'Dialog gif'


The icon component returns an SVG tag with corresponding icon path and labels.

#Design Documentation:


We have releasted a base set of icons and will continue to add to the available selection over time. In order to ensure that our iconography is purposeful, accessible, and cohesive, the product design team has adopted the Streamline icon family. 'Icon Swatches'


Pagination allows users to view content in digestible amounts. 'pagination component structure'


Tooltips are user-triggered messages that provide additional information about a page element or feature. 'Tooltips Component'


A Dialog is a conversation between the platform and the user. 'Dialog Component'
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