Arc-UI 1.1.0

An overview of what's included in 1.1.0 release of the Arc Design System

#What's new

#Bootstrap Theme

A custom bootstrap theme to help unify the design of Bootstrap, Reactstrap and non-design system components. If your project does not use Bootstrap, you do not need to use the theme. We expect minor iterations overtime, but will not be releasing additional major versions of the theme. 'Bootstrap'

#Variable Files

SCSS variable files with tokens to match Arc Design System guidelines. 'Variable'

#Chiclets - Design Documentation

Chiclets (also commonly known at tags) highlight an item's status or assignment so it can be recognized quickly. 'Variable'

#Single and Multi-Select Dropdown - Design Documentation

Dropdown selectors allow users to choose options from a list. They come in single and multi-select variants. 'Dropdown'
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