ADS v2.3

Beta packages and bug fixes


Beta Packages

We are excited to reintroduce beta package releases. With beta package releases, you will have access to design system updates as soon as they are coded, tested, and deployed, rather than waiting for the monthly release. During a beta package release, we welcome all feedback in order to incorporate any additional changes to the beta packages into our regular monthly releases.

#Bug Fixes


The OverflowMenu component was throwing errors when opened. We have resolved that issue and should work normally. We fixed isDisabled warning, viewport positioning, automatic placement handling and respecting the placement prop. ads-menu 2.0.3


Jest Compatibility

We discovered issues when using the Arc Design System with Jest when running Node version 10. We have since added notes to our installation docs to recommend using Node version 13 or newer to avoid errors.

OnPress versus OnClick

We've updated our documentation about the Arc Design System convention of using onPress instead of onClick.

Inline Alerts

We added documentation for InlineAlerts.
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