ADS v2.2

We've squashed a few minor bugs.

We're excited to announce we're moving to a new, monthly release cadence. Please note that because we’re transitioning to more frequent and iterative releases, they are likely to be smaller in size. In making this transition to monthly releases, we hope we can better progress the design system forward and support various teams’ needs with quicker turnaround times on issues. Thanks to all those who contributed to this release!



The past several releases have all been using a canary version of Stitches. Since ADS 2.0, Stitches hit their official 1.0 milestone so we are taking this time to make sure we're on the latest stable release. Additionally, we've added new semantic color tokens for table elements:
  • $tableBorder
  • $tableDefaultText
  • $tableSecondaryText
  • $tableHoverBg
  • $tableDefaultRestBg
  • $tableSecondaryRestBg
  • $tableSortIconNotSelected
ads-system 2.1.0

#Bug Fixes


Due to the way we handle data internally for select, dynamically adding items after the initial render wasn't updating the option list leaving the dropdown with stale items. We fixed that issue and you should now be able to update the option list after the first render. ads-select 1.1.0


The OverflowMenu component was throwing errors when opened. We have resolved that issue and should work normally. ads-menu 2.1.0

TypeScript types

We are aware that there are still some TypeScript typing issues in the components that have caused some teams to find workarounds purely typing error messages. We are working to resolve these and fixed quite a few of them in this release.
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