ADS v2.1

We've squashed a few minor bugs, added mobile navigation to the website and moved back to Github packages.

This release includes only a few minor fixes, but a pretty impactful deployment change.

#Breaking changes

When 2.0 was released, we deployed it to Artifactory. After internal discussions with the AppSec team, we determined that the best way forward is actually to stay on Github. We apologize for the whiplash! For many teams, this is not very impactful since the previous versions are still on the Github registry. However, the pre-2.0 packages are published as @wpmedia/arc-ui-component-name. We found this can be tedious to type and more generally the name "Arc UI" is being phased out in favor of ADS, or Arc Design System. To that end, the 2.0 packages will be published to Github as @wpmedia/ads-component-name.

#Website updates

We've updated all installation instructions to refer to the Github packages instead of Artifactory. Additionally, if you navigated to this documentation site on your mobile phone you may have noticed it was extremely hard (or impossible) to navigate. This release brings mobile friendly navigation.

#Bug fixes

In the original 2.0 release we noticed a few issues with tooltips. Those should be resolved now.
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